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This RP is about a set of characters living there own story in generally the same world as EGS is based


a picture of the characters:[1]

  • Rose

Name: Idonea Roslyn Stark (Likes to be called “Rose”)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Chicago

Physical description: Idonea is an imposing young woman. She’s taller than most her classmates at an even six foot, and her well-built athletic figure can make her seem even more terrifying to some. She has long, straight, bright-red hair, that’s naturally a very nice amber color. She usually wears it in a ponytail with bangs, or simply loose. She dresses like somewhat of a tomboy, wearing things that look like they could survive a war-zone, or already have. She always wears a single red gemstone on a worn necklace, and never takes it off for any reason.

Personality: Rose’s very outgoing. She never seems to be in a rush, and always has time to sit down for a chat. She’s late to classes and appointments all the time, but that doesn’t seem to bother her at all. She’s easy to talk to, and an incredible listener. Her imagination is through the roof, and she can tell stories like a professional. She’s an expert at public speaking, and can actually get a group of teenagers to sit down and listen to a report on ancient Greece or the like. She’s outgoing, and a very physical person, which can send the wrong signals sometimes, but she seems to shrug off embarrassing situations like water off a ducks back.

Brief history: Rose moved to Moperville a year ago with her guardian, Dominik Tygrave, an older man who owns an antique shop a little off the beaten path on the outskirts of town, tucked behind a small strip of stores and a thick grove of trees. Both of them live there, though Rose does spend most of her time around town or at school.

The reason they moved to Moperville is “Because of the schools”, although there was an impetus to move that both Rose and Dominik seem reluctant to talk about, and it’s completely possible that whatever it was is the same reason that Rose is living with Dominik, rather than her parents.

Abilities: Rose has a crazily good memory for trivia and facts, and as such is possibly the school’s greatest history resource. She can tell you about ancient civilizations or battlefields like she was there. Rose is also in very good physical condition, though she doesn’t do any school sports or attend any martial arts dojo.

Weaknesses: Rose can get sidetracked by anyone who wants to talk to her. Her schedule is really only a polite suggestion, as she is late to almost everything. She is also very helpful, even to the point where she’ll abandon her own work to lend a hand.

  • Wally

Name: Wally Warren

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Place of Birth: London (although he hasn't an accent)

Physical description: Wally is keen to usually wear purple. His eye are brown, and his head is bald, but obviously shaven.

Personality: Wally pretends to treat everything in an indifferent manner. Watching, listening. He is, however, keen to try new things, but only if he can't watch it otherwise. He is curious, but only as if he is required to know.

Brief history: Seriously, he mostly been watching events unfold in the Moperville for a long time (if you 13 years to be a long time).

Abilities: A keen eye for detail, a superb concept artist (like those found with the police), photogenic memory, Divination, and a natural Third Eye.


Name: Zerras Z Zeranati

Age: 18

Gender: m

Race: Mexican

Place of Birth: Michigan

Physical description: 6'1", 140, brown eyes, black long shoulder length, very skinny, wears A LOT of black clothing with draped with at least 3' of chains on each leg of his pants.

Personality: Extremely twitchy and paranoid, tends to go on rants and conspiracy theories, looks very gothic. straight

Brief history: Not much of an extraordinary student but somehow managed to be "Invited" to go to Moperville. Said to have been expelled from his last school for chewing out a teacher and changing his grades. Refuses to talk about his family.

Abilities: decent dj, decent fighter, average athlete, can eat A LOT.

Weaknesses: Rather anti-social in the sense that he can drive people away with minimal effort, tends to have crippling headaches when deprived of caffeine

Name: Drayco Lowell

Race: Human

Age: 17

Height: 6'2

Gender: Male

Place of birth: Wouldn't you like to know

Appearance: Looks like an average teenager, albeit on the athletic side. He wears a red hoodie sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off just past the elbow. He has a pair of black open-fingered gloves that he wears most of the time as well. He wears grey or khaki cargo pants, and always wears Birkenstock-style sandals. He has blond hair, which is loose yet naturally spiky-ish, falling a bit towards his right. He has short bangs in front, which hang over the red headband that he always wears.

He's a very social guy, though he doesn't have any close friends. He lives with his foster parents, neither of whom pay a great deal of attention to him.

Abilities: Drayco is quite agile and alert for someone his age, as well as extremely athletic. He doesn't train in any fighting style or play any competitive sports either. Some things to note, however. His most unusual trait is that he lacks fingerprints on his fingers. They simply lack a pattern. In addition, he is freakishly tolerant of temperatures, and so far he always seems to wear the same short sleeved sweatshirt and sandals no matter what temperature it is outside. In addition, his tongue is just long enough that he can touch the tip of his nose with it. Some find this disturbing, he doesn't understand why... though he has used it for the purpose of freaking people out on at least one occasion.

Weaknesses: Among other things, Drayco seems to have one of the shortest attention spans ever. Some say he's just very curious, others take this as being somewhat paranoid, a few say he's on some sort of drugs.

  • Neko

Name: goes by 'Neko'

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Seyunolu (Lesser, Cat and Human)

Place of Birth: *wiggles fingers* A secret lab.... in Australia.

Physical Description: 5'0", long (shoulder-length) brown hair. Pigeon-toed, always wears sandals, at least until snow falls. Wears a fake cat tail most of the time. Wears anime t-shirts.

Personality: Tries to always act happy, even when very sad. More concerned about others than himself.

Brief History: Has lived in Moperville since he was 10. 2 grades ahead. Doesn't have many friends, but everyone knows who he is.


Abilities: Cat-form; has heightened agility, hearing, and sight always. Weaknesses: ...doesn't much care for cold. No real upper body strength.

  • Jess

Name: Jessica Airiest

Age: 16

Gender: female

Race: human

Place of birth: Alberta, Canada

Physical description: she is relatively pretty. She is very trim considering she doesn’t to much physical activity. Wears reading glasses but doesn’t seem to need them at times. She has green eyes that glow some times, though she has yet to notice.

Personality: Jess is an introvert, and spends most of her time reading. She has few close friends and no casual friends. Is nice to people and doesn’t like to hurt their feelings. Reads lots of fantasy and believes that magic works the same way it dose in her books but hasn’t actively tried it.

Brief history: born and raised to the age of 10 in Edmonton. The reason she left was because of an embarrassing incident including a fire hose, trolley of books, and a giant fan. Since then she has lived in Moperville with her parents. After arriving at Moperville people began calling her a freak. She doesn’t know why they do this.

Abilities: can remember any thing she reads in a story, eyes glow sometimes, handless hammer, while reading a hammer will appear by it self and hammer an offender with out her having to put down her book, has amazing empathy

Weaknesses: reads constantly, she can’t stop reading once she starts with out good reason ie. Food, money, or friends, doesn’t pay attention to much while reading, sucks at video games, has very poor self esteem and doesn’t like feeling different.

Name: Lohti

Age: 18

Gender: male

Race: human

Place of Birth: New York City

Physical description: He stands about 6'0", weighs about 190, and has brown hair with green eyes.

Personality: he's a hopeless romantic, and finds anyone of the opposite gender beautiful, and will ask each one out at least once. He's not lecherous, or perverted, but rather just wants to go on dates.

Brief history: He doesn't say why he moved to Moperville, and seems to avoid the subject.

Abilities: no public records exist of abilities.

Weaknesses: He's overly fond of women, as stated before, but he is also afraid of heights.

Family: He lives with his mother, Adrianna, and his brother, Shamus.

  • sparx

Name: Claude "Sparx" D. Ragunfli

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Physical description: Claude is about Average height, but little stocky. He has Brown hair that flops down to almost cover his eyes which are brown. He just looks very average, very easy to lose in a crowd (just like his father). He wears dark grey pants and a grey shirt that has "

Personality: Claude is calm, collected, quiet, and mildly paranoid although when he opens up to people, he can become quite talkative. Claude generally only talks to people when they talk to him first so that he doesn't accidentally reveal too much information. He happens to like video games, has an affinity for cats, squirrels and foxes, and dislikes people who think law is good and chaos is bad.

Brief history: Claude was born in Sydney, and he lived there for most of his life, until his father received a job offer across the sea and they moved to Moperville. His mother is apparently deceased.

Abilities: Happens to be deadly/accurate with just about any weapon, melee or Projectile, he also has knowledge of and sometimes even access to many helpful artefacts. Is beyond Gracelike when playing video games.

Weaknesses: Has very bad vision without good light and has a morbid phoebia of fierce looking Dogs, so much so that he freezes up in fear when he sees one. He also dislikes turning down challenges when it's in video games.

  • peter

Name: Peter O'Gorrman

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Ireland

Physical Description: Average height and slight build, his red hair is worn long and tied back with a series of bands to keep it under control. Has pale skin and blue eyes.

Personality: Peter is quiet and doesn't like to be the focus of attention. He isn't very athletic and prefers to stay indoors and either read a book or play video games.

Brief History: Peter and his parents moved to Moperville a couple years ago, James, the eldest staying behind.

Family: Martin and Brigid, Peter's parents and his elder brother James.

Abilities: A brilliant gamer, regardless of what system or style, save racing. He is also a decent cook and has a rather good 'weather nose'. Able to predict the weather with a reasonable degree of accuracy. AND HE'S A PYROMANCER! (That's-a a spicy meat-a-ball. :P )

Weaknesses: The weather; Peter is rather susceptible to any form of weather. He's the first to have a jumper on when the weather turns cold, hot weather makes him drowsy and he has an irrational fear of thunder storms.

  • Lorena

Name: Lorena Lako

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Place of Birth: Montana

Physical description: Lorena is 4’8”, with a wiry thin build. What she lacks in height and assets, she makes up for in her hair which is both naturally straight and red. Nearing the end of the summer, it has recently been cut back short to allow for it to grow in some before the coming fall semester. As a finishing touch her eyes are brown.

In concern to clothing, while still in the summer semester, she wears a calf length light grey skirt, matching grey tennis shoes, white ankle socks, and white blouse.

Personality: Lorena is a somewhat atypical example of the strong silent type. While small and nontalkative, she doesn’t carry herself with a shy presence. Instead, she carries herself with a no nonsense directness with all her actions. To some extent she almost seems antisocial, though she has been shown to be strongly protective both in and outside her small private social circle.

Brief history: Lorena’s family has lived in Moperville for the past ten years and are the proud owners of a styling salon. Their reasons for coming to Moperville to begin with has mostly to do with the parents desire to get their two daughters out of the middle of nowhere: aka Montana. Lorena’s older sister has moved away to an out of state college for the past two years.

School wise, Lorena is a solid B student, and currently in her Junior year. She’s otherwise very unremarkable, spending most of her time hanging out with a trio of guys who have adopted her as their protector: Robert, a bookish fellow who is even smaller then Lorena, Rodney, a somewhat tall and thin nerd, and Steven, an anime geek who the most out of place in the group.

Outside of school, she’s mostly been seen with the same group of friends, and odd fact since aside from a more subdued version of Steven’s anime interest she doesn’t seem to share any of their interests. She doesn’t appear to have any extracurricular activities, though she has been holding a stable job at a clerk at a discount clothing store recently.

In more recent news, her family recently spent the summer visiting her great grandmother in Nevada and has only just returned to Moperville.

Abilities: Aside from the basic skills and talents of a student of her capabilities (straight B), a fairly plain student. She has a decent awareness of what is going on around her, noticing things even her attention appear to be focused elsewhere. While not athletic, she does have at least decent reflexes. She also has a unflinching determination... literally.

Weaknesses: For all her attitude, Lorena is only able to back up her personality by not backing down. She has no physical strength to speak of, and as substantial her will power is, it can only keep her standing up, not keep her from getting knocked down. With that said, her inner defender seems a little misplaced in someone of her stature, and she sometimes steps into situations that get her hurt.

  • Violet

Name: Violet Lovell

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian (mostly Irish and French)

Place of Birth: New York, New York

Physical description: Straight, sapphire blue hair that brushes her shoulders, big hazel eyes. Hair is frequently left loose. Rectangular, black rimmed glasses used for seeing distances (i.e., reading blackboards in classes, reading signs, etc) but doesn’t wear all the time; also sometimes wears contact lenses that change her eye color. Very fair skinned, no freckles; about 5’4, 120 pounds. Tends to wear only black. Always wears black eyeliner and usually eyeshadow of whatever shade or color best fits her mood and outfit. Rather pretty, but tends to dress fairly modestly (i.e., little if any cleavage, etc..) and will almost never be seen without her plain black messenger bag, which contains much more than it seems to be capable of, without even seeming particularly full.

Personality: Covers up shyness by seeming cool, detached, and disinterested in meeting people. Tends to be sarcastic/cynical, will make little effort to seek out new people on her own. Is largely disinclined to act energetically; tends to be startled easily. Violet can be incredibly focused, to the point of forgetting even to eat. She is quite intelligent, but wary/suspicious of those who put forth great effort to be friendly towards her, as she is generally unused to such efforts and has low regards for herself. However, she is loyal to people she does trust. She can be funny, quick-witted, lively, creative and attentive, sometimes even quite cheerful. She will do almost anything to get out of gym class, especially if she can do something useful in that time (i.e., something she wants.) Violet is straight, but so far uninterruptedly single. She can also barely function if she doesn’t have some form of coffee in the morning, and even over the course of the day.

Brief History: As an only child, she has spent her whole life with her long-divorced mother, Karen. Born and lived in New York City, until she was about seven. After that they moved to what was felt to be a ‘safer’ suburban town, where Violet had a hard time with others. She made a few friends, with whom she has agreed to keep contact after moving to Moperville with her mother, but is uncertain as to of how long that will last. Her closest friends tend to be books, her mp3 player, and her laptop computer. Her mother initiated the move to Moperville because she had once lived there, and missed the town.

Abilities: Very artistically talented, relatedly also very observant. Is very good at picking up the stronger emotions of those around her, and at sensing when someone is nervous or tense. This tends to make her edgy, so she usually ignores this (to the point of ‘turning it off’.) She can (and will always) close her mind off to telepathy, though she can’t explain how. Good with hammers.

Weaknesses: Suffers migraines from being exposed to fluorescent lights for too long, gets lightheaded easily (low blood pressure, forgets to eat;) Violet also tends to have insomnia, especially if stressed or anxious, and so has a rather low energy level to begin with.

Table of contents

  • the opening

the first day of the RP all the caracters meet, Drayco and Neko steal a TF-Gun [2]

  • Dreams

a lot of dream sequences also Zerras meets aliens [3]

  • the fight

Wally gets drugged then chased by Nerigal, the others come to the rescue [4]

  • pizza

the fights over, Nerigals gone for now, what do you do? eat pizza of course [5]

  • the shooting

the next day the characters are meeting up again when zerras' past comes back to bite him; in the form of a bullet to the stumac [6]

  • battle training

Jess atemts to control her powers, as drayco trains Neko in the park [7]

  • intermision

Lohti comes to moperville and gets a tour from rose, wally learns matial arts, Drayco and Neko have icecream, Jess' mom and Drayco's mom fight, peter gets lost in the woods [8]

  • mall

all the characters meet up at the mall [9]

  • Johnny

all the characters get pulled into another big fight against Zerras' rival [10]

  • aftermath

Resolution of introduction [11]

  • The camping trip


Gag Reel

recently alot of us have been making jokes on the Gag reel thread. I decided to add them here so they won't ever be lost beyond the thrid page.


a clip of an interview of one of the villains from Moperville RP 2.0

Reporter: "So, Nerigal, how do you get into character every day for filming?"

Nerigal: "It's hard. Psychosis isn't exactly an easy thing for me to do, but it's a challenging role, and I've never backed down from a challenge."

R: "Is there any sort of preparation?"

N: "Mostly I just watch Martha Stewart Living. That's usually enough to drive me into a genocidal rage after about five minutes."

R: "Interesting... so, do you have any other acting jobs lined up?"

N: "I'm actually talking with my agent about some traditional theater. Shakespeare was always my favorite. I can do a great Hamlet."

R: "Really?"

N: "Something about the character just resonates with me I guess. Oddly enough, I'm also fond of Nick Bottom from Midsummer Night's Dream."

R: "I never would have guessed... any parting words?"

N: "Oh yes. Don't bother locking your doors and windows, it won't save you."

R: "Getting into character again?"

N: "No, just giving you fair warning."

R: "... Running away now."

*maniacal laughter*

by Blinkdog

Moperville: Deleted Scene "The Shower"

Jess: *She is taking a shower with the steam tastefully hiding her naughty bites. Suddenly, she recieves a telepathic message* TM: I'm watching you, Jessica. Jess: .... WAAAALLYYYYYYYY!!!!!


*Jess is chasing Wally, throwing large objects at him telekinetically. Wally, on his part, is running like the demons of hell are at his back*

Behind nearby bushes...

*Drayco, Neko, Rose, Peter, and Zeras are sitting in concealment, watching the spectactle. In Drayco lap is a strange device connected to a microphone in Peter's hand. Next to Zerras is a yellow box displaying a picture of said device with the label "Telepathy Inducer." It displays advertisents like "Fool Telepathic Friends" and "Can't Back at Nosy Seers." Also it had a brand called "Mom Approved" with a chibby version of Drayco's mom winking, smiling, and giving on thumbs up* by Jesse_God_of_Awesome


Zerras begins to speak saying,” Kerri? What are you doing here? I missed you, I met this girl, but I’m not feeling anything, maybe I’m just lonely...her name's jess, kinda nice, kinda cute...but she's not you, I don't think I’ll ever get over you.....remember I love love you Kerri..."

Jess jumps on his bed and begins making out with zerras

"CUT! Jess you're supposed to run out of the room crying"

"Ya I know but he's just so cute and sensitive"

"I like this version better." said Zerras from the bed

"No one asked you! What ever lets try this again, and remember you're suppose to be upset."

==Take 2==

Zerras begins to speak saying,” Kerri? What are you doing here? I missed you, I met this girl, but I’m not feeling anything, maybe I’m just lonely...her name's jess, kinda nice, kinda cute...but she's not you, I don't think I’ll ever get over you.....remember I love love you Kerri..."

Jess crushes Zerras and the bed with her powers then turns towards the door and runs out with tears in her eyes.

"Hmm... I don't think I like the crushing the bed part we can edit that out later. OK everyone take five"

Mrs. Lowell walked by the set when she heard a small cry of pain from the crushed bed, "medic" "What do you expect me to do I'm not a real doctor I'm an actress."

by Jfan999

Moperville 2.0 RP off camera

Jess: hey I want to talk about this script

Jfan: ya what about it

Jess: how come I get a crush on every boy I meet?

Jfan: um... you don't get a crush on every boy

Jess: every boy except Wally, Neko, and peter

Wally: ya why doesn’t she get a crush on me?

*insert graphic violence here*

Jess: where did that stupid writer get to, hey what’s this note say

note: your complaints have been dully noted and I really don't care because you will never find me ever

Jess: ...

Jess: hey get back here I'm not finished making you feel inadequate yet

*Kneeling over his character*

Jesse: As a seer, you should've seen that coming.

Wally: F^ck.... you...

Jesse: Sound like someone wants to be ressurected as a girl.

Wally: Wouldn't be.... half bad...

Jesse: ...

Wally: What?.... You created me....

story by Jfan999 ending by Jesse_God_of_Awesome

Year laters after the Moperville RP, Jess and Zerras started dating, but eventually broke up for reason Jess explains to Rose.

Jess: I knew it was over after is 23rd ex held me hostage.

Then she started dating Drayco.

Jess: After he ran out of gas half-way to the restaraunt, thus losing our reservations, he wouldn't eat for a week.

Then Neko...

Jess: At first, shedding was the only problem. Then I caught him cheating on me..... with Drayco.

Hitting rock bottom, Wally...

Jess: Big Bother's watching me....

Eventually, she hookecd up with Drayco's brother, Ky...


They're now married.

by Jesse_God_of_Awesome

a clip from the behind the scenes documentery "the making of 'Mopreville 2.0' "

Zerras: "Has anyone seen Drayco?"

Jessica: "I saw him headed to Neko's trailer, why?"

Zerras: "I need to talk to him about this 'GGJohnny' that we have coming up soon."

Jessica: "Oh ok."

Zerras gets to the door of Neko's trailer and knocks on the door only to hear a stifled squeak, and see Neko open the door a crack, just enough for Neko to stick his hed out.

Neko: "What do you want? I'm kinda bus here..."

Zerras: "Have you seen Drayco? I heard he's was headed this way....wait, why is your voice so high?

Neko: "What are you talking about?"

Zerras: He blushes a deep red after realizing that Neko was most likely in FV-5 and what was really going on in the trailer probably involved Drayco. "Igottagodosomethingattheplace, bye!" He took off running in the other direction. He ran into Jessica who stopped him.

Jessica: "Why are you running?"

Zerras: "I found Drayco and the way you won the pool. They really are lovers...."

else where...

Peter: Wait, where's Wally?

Rose: Oh, he's been staring at Neko's trailer for the half hour grinning like a maniac.

story by Zerras ending by Jesse_God_of_Awesome

  • Drayco, Peter, Wally, and Jess are playing X-Box. Ky and Neko watch from the couch behind them*


Wally: *sighs* Jessica, take both controls with you telekenesis, please.

Jess: Wha? This isn't the time for a bathroom break, Wally.

Wally: Just trust me.

Jess: K *Wally's and Jess's controls are now floating*

Wally: *Snake his hand around Jess's head and put his hand on her forehead. His pupils disappear*

Jess: *Jess's pupils follow suit* Oh, I see.

Wally: You See.

Minutes later...


Drayco: Stupid cheating seer.

by Jesse_God_of_Awesome

from Moperville 2.0:

Rose had winced at the hammering, then sighed. "Well... at least Jess's powers are all back." She looked down at the embedded Drayco. "... Someone's going to have to dig you out so a Squirrel doesn't turn your skull into a food-shed." Inspecting her clothes, she also decided it was a good a time as any to change into her swimsuit.

"Hold on a sec, I'll help you out right after I get changed." She immediately kicked off her shoes and socks, slipped out of her pants, and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a matching set of striped undergarments. She blushed and tried to cover herself up, and yelled out, "damn you Blinkdog! you forgot to narrate my costume change!!!"

  • rofl's and flrrd*

by Zerras

Johnny then paused for a moment, and the purple orb on the desk briefly pulsed brighter, then returned normal. And then a voice flowed into Zerras' mind. "Well hello there, beautiful. What's a marvelous work of cybernetic art like you hangin' out with a guy like Triple-Z here?" -- Zerras: "Dude! stop coming on to me!"

Somewhere in Zerras' field of vision, near where Cortana hovered, a digital version of Johnny appeared, clad in the trenchcoat and shades he had been wearing while they were fighting him. "Johnny, or as they call me in the technological circle, GGjohnny. A humble master of hardware, and the best cybermancer this planet has ever seen." He gave a slight bow, and took Cortana's hand and kissed it once. --- Cortana then glomped Johhny's avatar and commenced to do things that would require a tasteful curtain to be posted here. However a tastefull curtain was not a luxury that Zerras had. He was unfortunate enough to be an un-willing witness to Cortana and Johhny's actions.

by Zerras

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